Imagine You Never Ever Have To Struggle…

Or Crack Your Head to Craft Content Ever Again!


What if every tool and template you will ever need to write “content that attracts praises and sales” is already “boxed” inside ONE BIG PACKAGE... simply waiting for you to just open, pick up, use and begin to SHINE!?

your text here...

  • Headline template!
  • Storytelling Guide!
  • Engagement Boosting Tool!
  • Content Planning Tool!
  • Content Creation Tools
  • Copywriting Tool AND A CRAZY TON MORE!

Just Imagine How Much Easier Life Will Be.


  • No more panic about “what will I post today?”

  • No more “I don’t know what to write”.
  • No more post one today, then post next one 3 months later.
  • No more “I know what to say but I don’t know HOW TO SAY IT”.
  • No more “I don’t know how to make my writing hot and catchy”.
  • No more “I don’t have time to create content”.
  • No more “I can’t afford to hire a content creator”.
  • No more “Good content creators are scarce”..
  • No more guesswork or “try your luck” whether people will like your content or not.
  • No more embarrassing “one like” or “two likes” after 72 hours..
  • And no more “nobody ordered” whenever you post your products for sale.

All these problems GONE FOREVER… and never to return. Because I have a mind-blowing solution you’ve never seen before...

The Content Made Easy Bundle

The Content Made Easy Bundle (or “CCME Bundle” for short) is a digital product with different packages carefully compiled to make content creation, not only so simple and easy that anybody can use it... but also highly profitable for any business you want to create viral-worthy content for.

Inside The Content Bundle… You'll get different value-packed packages including:

1. 365 SMPI (Social Media Post Ideas) Package

There are 5 types of content to master if you want to watch your business make money online with content creation.

In this 365 SMPI Package, I take my time to show you what these 5 types of content are. And based on these 5 types of content, I also go beyond to give you 365 daily, all-year-round, pick-and-apply, proven and inspiring content ideas that will pinch you to start dropping content without control... on the spot! Because I have done all the work for you.

Now all you have to do is sit and just write till infinity. Which means: you will never again run out of what to post! Coz you have content ideas on everlasting supply… 24/7… 366 days of the year! 

(Last Price For “365 SMPI Package” = N10,000)

2. 12 Months Content Calendar Planned Out For You Package 

If you are as lazy as I am, then this is for you. Because aside from giving you 365 hot content ideas to post day-by-day.

I have also gone ahead to provide you with a well laid-out calendar that will tell you EXACTLY what content to post today, what to post tomorrow, the next day after tomorrow and so forth… until the end of the year.

Oh yes I want to spoil you beyond recognition! Which means… from today… I am giving you “full license” to get extremely lazy about day-to-day content creation. Yes thank me later.

(Last Price For “12 Months Content Calendar Planned Out For You Package” = N5000

3. Teach Me Content Creation From Scratch Package

This contains a detailed guide on how to go from zero to 100% almost overnight as a professional content creator.

You will discover what matters in creating content… what “algorithm” means and how to manipulate it for your own gain in order to gain more shares and likes… including other details. Plus it also contains a detailed chapter on “how to sell on social media”... a chapter I’m sure you will jump at first when you get your hands on this package.

(Last Price For “Teach Me Content Creation From Scratch Package” = N5000)

4. The Engagement Booster Package

Nothing else is more discouraging than pouring buckets of sweat into creating content… only to see “two”... “one”... or even “zero” Likes & Comments at the end of the day. But with The Engagement Booster, this embarrassment is a goner. Forever. In fact, see proof below. 

(attach testimonial of “massive responses”)

(Last Price For “Engagement Booster” = N12,500)

5. Copywriting Ninja Hacks Package

Do you want your social media posts as powerful as the words you’re reading now? Then you have to master certain “tricks” and “hacks”.

But no need to go about reading hundreds of copywriting books. That's a bloody waste of time. And as a busy entrepreneur, your time is too precious.

That’s why this package has broken down the most important persuasion elements you need to know about writing words that FORCE people to follow every post you drop with hot attention and fired anticipation.

So if you are ready to master this hot skill, you need this package more than others.

(Last Price For “Copywriting Ninja Hacks Package” = N7500)

6. The Storytelling Roadmap Package

A wise actor once said, “It doesn’t matter if your story is true or not. What matters is that you tell it well.” So if you can’t tell good stories on social media, then your content game will be zero.

That’s why this package contains a blueprint you can use to tell stories that make people stop… pay attention… and cry if you want them to.

You simply can’t survive creating content until you become a masterful storyteller, and this package will guide you step-by-step in a way you’ve never experienced before.

(Last Price For “Storytelling Roadmap Package” = N10,000)

7. 31 High-grade Content Creation Tools Package 

A workman without his tools is not a serious workman at all. That’s why I’ve compiled 31 of the most important tools that highly-paid, professional content creators actually use to make their work super easy and smooth.

From content idea generator tools to rapid notetaking tools to mockup & graphic tools, and even more… I give you the entire thing and reveal the whole secret of this game to you so nobody can “do shakara” for you ever again.

(Last Price For “31 High-grade Content Creation Tools Package” = N5000)

8. The Productivity Planner Package

Learn how to strategically plan your content so that you can create a bulk of your content in less time, and consistently, even if you're busy.

9. 50 Scroll-Stopping Headlines Template Package

You don't have to crack your head trying to come up with scroll-stopping headlines for your posts. Just go through the headline template, picks a suitable one for your post, and reword it. Voila! You're done.

10. 35 Hypnotic Call-To-Actions Package

Discover the different surprising call to actions that will not only make your readers like, save, and share your posts but also buy.


You'll also get these 5MIND-BLOWINGbonuses… 

  • Bonus 1: 161 Rare Power Words To Make Your Content Pop!
  • Bonus 2: 200 Inspirational Quotes That Can Move Any Crowd
  • Bonus 4: Content Creation Checklist
  • Bonus 5: Content Creation Guide
Angela Komolafe

Creator of CCME Bundle


My name is Angela Komolafe and I help businesses who market online to craft the kinds of content that attracts customers and clients to them every single month.

It’s a job I love… a job that blesses me with a comfortable lifestyle… and a job I get paid handsomely to do BECAUSE I AM DAMN GOOD AT IT!

Just like you, many of my clients used to struggle to create content for their business. From not having enough time… to finding it hard to generate content ideas and consistently posting… to not being able to attract sales… to simply being confused about the whole content thing… I have seen many business owners like you struggle with these things.

And what I have realized after all this time is that not every business owner in Nigeria can pay trained experts like me N50,000 to N200,000 every month to take this stress off their plate. I mean how many small businesses make that much money as profit in the first place! 

And that’s why I created Content Made Easy Bundle... To provide every entrepreneur… including you an easier and faster way to start creating valuable content entirely on your own! 

Like seriously, I’ve made this work super easy for you… and so damn affordable as well! 


So Do You Want To Start Creating Quality Content In Less Time And Attract Serious Customers To Your Business?

Join over 100+ customers who have already purchased Content Made Easy Bundle and are heavily reaping massive benefits… like these business owners like you below:

Using this Content Bundle will help you to effortlessly

  • Attract A Steady Stream of Customers Into Your Business 
  • Turn First-Time Visitors Into A Raving Fan
  • And Convert Your Social Media Profile Into Your Personal ATM Machine... No Matter What You Sell Online …



Let me add up everything you're getting when you decide to invest in the CCME BUNDLE 

  1. 1
    365 SMPI (Social Media Post Ideas) Package = N10,000
  2. 2
    12 Months Content Calendar Planned Out For You Package = N5000
  3. 3
    Teach Me Content Creation From Scratch Package = N5000
  4. 4
    The Engagement Booster Package = N12,500
  5. 5
    Copywriting Ninja Hacks Package = N7500
  6. 6
    The Storytelling Roadmap Package = N10,000
  7. 7
    31 High-grade Content Creation Tools Package = N5000
  8. 8
    The Productivity Planner Package = N6500
  9. 9
    50 Scroll-Stopping Headlines Template Package = N3000
  10. 10
    35 Hypnotic Call-To-Actions Package = N300



  • Bonus 2: 200 Inspirational Quotes That Can Move Any Crowd
  • Bonus 3: Content Creation Workbook
  • Bonus 4: Content Creation Checklist
  • Bonus 5: Content Creation Guide

How Much Do You Think The Content Made Easy Bundle Is Actually Worth?

If you thought N50,000… then it means YOU ARE A FAIR.

Because you’re actually close to the truth. 

As a matter of fact, the total value of the packages in this bundle is above N50,000. (Which is way cheaper compared to what my clients credit to my bank account every single month to create content and boost their business… the exact same content creation secrets I’m shamelessly giving you access to use inside this bundle.)

However as you may already know, I won’t give it to you for N50,000.

Reason being... you probably don’t have that kind of money stashed away for an important investment like this right now.

So without a lot of beating about the bush, let me tell you the actual price.

The regular price for Content Made Easy Bundle is N25,000.


However, the PRICE CAN INCREASE at any time. This is not a gimmick to get your money. This is third time I'm increasing the price since the Content Bundle was launched and I will still do it again because the Content Bundle is PRICELESS. 

So take advantage of the current price and MAKE YOUR PAYMENT RIGHT NOW BEFORE THE PRICE INCREASES




100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

And if you’re Not 100% Satisfied… You Have My FULL "Bank-Sealed" 100% Guarantee For The First 12 Months Of Your Purchase.

See, I want you to be as confident as I am, as well as many of my customers are. 

But just in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make this foolproof for you.  So I completely guarantee your satisfaction with this product. For one whole year!


In fact, let me be more specific.

Here's my 12-Month Guarantee... 


I personally guarantee your satisfaction right down to the very last day of the first 12 months after your purchase! Again… that’s one full year! . 

So if at any time during those first 12 months you’re NOT completely convinced Content Made Easy Bundle is worth your investment at all, I want you to ask for your money back. 


Yes… I’ll refund you for your entire purchase, on the spot. No questions asked.

And this is only because I am SURE of what you are making a decision to acquire today.

Think about it....

Where will you be a year from now? Will you still be struggling to create content…

Or will you have published one hundred or even one thousand pieces of profitable content… pulling in hundreds to thousands of new followers and customers eager to order and buy whatever you sell, at the price you set?

In a year from now, will your name be so famous and influential that you no longer need sales letters to sell your product… simply because people know you so well?

If you’ve been looking for this kind of breakthrough...

Don't miss an opportunity of a life-time. Because you have absolutely nothing to lose.

The choice is yours.

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